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Title: Differential or transmission noise?
Post by: rsk289 on September 09, 2019, 10:55:26 PM
I've now done about 11,000 miles in the 124, having got back from a tour of Germany, Austria, Italy and France this morning.  The car has behaved brilliantly, again, this being the third continental trip we've done in it in 2.5 years.  Being able to throw the hood up and down in seconds is brilliant, and even the fuel consumption's been good at around 40mpg.  Only downside is boot space for my wife's packing....
However, on a long (350-mile) bit of German motorway a few days back with the hood up, I became aware of a faint transmission whine that appeared at around 72-3 mph and stayed up to around 80.  As it is linked to road speed and is present with light to hard throttle pressure, but goes the instant the loud pedal is released, I'd say it was differential noise.  It's a faint, fairly high-pitched whine which is (obviously) more noticeable with the hood up.
Has anyone else had this, or does anyone know of a reported issue with the LSD unit?  Not sure if it's the same as the ND Mazdas or not.  I need to decide whether it's normal or not (it's not very loud at all - yet) as my warranty will be up in November.  I'll probably take it to the dealer next week, but I suspect they won't be able to hear it easily.  Any thoughts gratefully listened to!

Title: Re: Differential or transmission noise?
Post by: rsk289 on September 11, 2019, 10:20:49 AM
It never gets easier, does it?

I'll give the supplying dealer a call today to get it booked in for examination.  I tried to get some of the correct grade oil with a view to future oil changes for the diff, but the major FCA dealership I contacted told me the oil is a non-stock item which they can't currently quote for.  This is oil, for heaven's sake - not some obscure trim part!  If it's not in stock, they obviously do not normally change it at service, which is very worrying for a LSD diff in the first few thousand miles. 

According to the dealer it should be 'Petronas Tutela Transmission Hypoide (sic) LL'..  No numbers, which is a bit unusual.  Can't find mention of it anywhere online.  Has anyone changed or topped-up diff oil, and if so what have they used?