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General Chat / Rockingham this weekend!
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:28:52 PM »
Is anyone from the forums going to be there on Sunday for the Abarth Driving School?

Thanks to Research and Oliver I am getting the chance to take both their Biposto's out on the track  8)

Be great to meet a few people!

TMC Motorsport / TMC 595 180bhp box ready?
« on: September 08, 2015, 09:27:26 AM »
As the title suggests, is the map ready for us Daron?

Curious to know if you have you taken delivery of your own 595 yet and have managed to dyno and test what the box can do on our new cars?  8)

Research Abarth / Research Abarth - Dealership feedback
« on: September 07, 2015, 01:00:54 PM »
So having placed my order for a new 595 Competzione back in May, I finally got to pick the little beast up on Friday there. The drive down to the dealership wasn't a bad one and easy enough to find, my satnav took me right to the doorstep of Research. Parked the Punto up, emptied the car out and had a little look around, without spotting my car I headed into the dealership which was shared by Alfa Romeo, not Fiat which was a nice touch ;)

Before anyone could get near me to help, I clocked a Biposto sitting proudly in the showroom and made a route straight to it. This was the first I had actually seen in the flesh and boy did it look menacing. Upon observation I realised this was a new Biposto, fully spec'd and not the standard one I had first inquired about purchasing. The thing was stunning... Was thinking I wouldn't have minded one of these after all!  ::)

While looking at the Biposto Phillip was the first to come introduce himself, he dealt with the final part of my car delivery and was in on his day off just to greet me and handover the keys which was a nice gesture! A drink was sorted out for myself and we dealt with all the documents etc, this gave me a chance to have a look around the showroom also which I have to say is very nice (take note AC) It had all the Abarth photo's and signs plastered around the dealership, along with the fancy abarth racing computer seats, it wasn't mixed with a Fiat dealership like I am used to and really had a touch of class to it, adding to the occasion. Oliver also came over and introduced himself who sold me my car, we chatted for a bit before the 3 of us went back outside to view my 595.

The car was waiting at the exit for me and looked stunning. Everything about the car was perfect, I checked the paintwork etc thoroughly which I think Oliver and Phillip expected and prepared for, hence the car being immaculate haha! They also managed to source and fit the yellow center caps I requested to my car to match my yellow brembo's instead of the red that came with my wheels, a very nice touch from them.

While Phillip showed me all the added touches and how the buttons and dash worked within the 595, I was also invited back by Oliver and offered a hotel room on the 27th of Sept for a track day at Rockingham in the 2 Biposto's they have in stock, that was the icing on the cake for me and now look forward to heading back down for that  ;D

Overall, the experience was about as good as I could have expected, if not better! Having dealt with AC previously for all my car purchases, this was on a different level to how I was dealt by with AC (Which wasn't bad on the sales side). I was regularly updated via email about the status of my car, sent photos of it when it was delivered to the dealership and just dealt with really well, everything was smooth and efficient and the guys at Research seemed to always go that extra bit for you at every possibility. I am over the moon with the whole experience and look forward to dealing with them in the future no doubt with the future release of the 124 Spyder  :D

So here is the car as picked up at the dealership and also a few of it when I stopped off at a service station on the way home, I have photo's to go up next of its first detail which was done on Saturday ;)

So again, a massive thank you to Oliver and Phillip for making the Abarth purchase a very nice experience and also going that extra mile with regards to my p/x and the overall deal I got, the center caps I asked for, discounts on Gap insurance and also the added track day and hotel for the night (Really looking forward to this one ;)) I really can't recommend the guys at Research enough as they were genuinely fantastic, they clearly had an enthusiasm for the Abarth cars themselves and that's the main thing.

Straight from the Fiat forum, who is interested?  8)

"I have arranged a stand for this event.

JUN 21ST 2015
11:00am - 16:00pm
Free entry
Stands from : Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce amongst others.

Here is a link to the event for details however i will be setting up our own event page."

Your Abarth / APE trip to Dundee
« on: June 07, 2015, 12:35:29 AM »
So went a little trip to Dundee with the girlfriend on friday-saturday and decided to pay Glamis Castle a visit while we were there. Great day out and a very impressive building but got an opporunity for a Abarth photo I couldn't miss out on...  ;D

Also picked a restaurant on Friday night based on what they had displayed in the window  ;)

These alone made the trip well worth it  ::)

General Chat / The Cove... anyone watched this?
« on: May 30, 2015, 12:20:42 AM »
I am not one for all the activist rubbish but I recently watched a documentary called The Cove with ric o'barry the trainer from the flipper tv show and was shocked with regards to over 20'000 dolphins being slaughtered yearly in taijii in Japan. Had anyone seen this amd what are your thoughts on it along with the poisonous meat they are falsely advertising to the public as whale meat?  :o

Research Abarth / Best Deal by FAR
« on: May 28, 2015, 11:44:12 AM »
Been in talks with Oliver with regards to an upgrade to the 595 180 bhp Competizione spec'd for me. Have to say out of the 3 garages I contacted, one including Vospers who were the best offer to date before Oliver ran his figures for me.

He gave me a brilliant p/x compared to any other garage and the lowest monthly figure at 314... compared to 347 and 367...

Genuinely wasn't really planning on upgrading as I didn't think my 8 month old Abarth SS Punto would allow me but when Oliver got back with the figures I really couldn't say no... Have my car on order now and really can't wait to pick it up... going to be a long wait made even worse by the fact that when it is delivered to Research I might be in Mexico for 2 weeks on holiday... Holiday ruined!  ;D

Service has been brilliant so far and constantly being updated with emails from him and he has done some extra little touches here and there on top of the fantastic deal put together most wouldn't... top service!

I really urge anyone interested in an upgrade to contact him, you may find that were you thought financially you couldn't afford an upgrade... that with the deals his branch are putting together you actually can!

Can't wait to meet you in person when I am picking the car up!  ;)

General Chat / Fiat 124/124 Spyder release?
« on: May 19, 2015, 11:46:28 AM »
Read on a few different articles that the 124 is expected to make it's debut at either the Frankfurt Auto Show in September or at the LA Car Show in November with a likely summer delivery of cars to Fiat dealerships in Spring 2016  :thumb:

Anyone got anything concrete with regards to these claims? And if they are true can we expect the Abarth spec car to be released at the same time or chances are is that going to be a 2017 release?  :thumbd:


Sunday 19th July 2015,
The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh

Just curious to who would be interested in attending this?

Would make a very fun day for us and if the Scots can drum up enough attention we could get the Abarth club involved if we act quickly?  :)

General Chat / Looking for a little help guys!
« on: May 12, 2015, 02:06:15 PM »

Applied my car for the UF detailing competition. If you could spare 5 mins just to go on and vote for my entry and help me get 150 worth of goodies, that would be great! Only if you prefer it over the other entrants!  ;)

If you can spare the time remember and hit confirm on the email sent out to you ;)

Abarth Punto Evo / Timing Belt/Water Pump Gasket?
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:41:16 AM »
I got my 4th year service done last night, so brake fluid, engine oil, oil filter and cabin filter all done.

But the Timing Belt and Water Pump was left until I find out whether I should have a Gasket for the water pump to seal it or is sealing paste used?

Does anyone know this question, water pump was ordered online and didn't come with any gasket so a little confused by this! Not urgent as ideally could leave both until my 5th year service but would rather get this done next week for peace of mind  ::)

Your Abarth / First Full Decontamination Complete
« on: April 27, 2015, 04:25:00 PM »
Quite pleased with the results... A number of the products are the first time I have used them on my car since purchasing and a few sample products to write up reviews of in the reviews section, not all positive sadly!  :-\

But never mind that, here's the results on my Camp Grey APE SS after around 6 hours worth of work!

The Car was cleaned with the following routine and products:

1. Car was power washed to remove any loose dirt/grime.

2. The car was sprayed with BH Auto foam, mixed 50ml of product to 350ml water and left to work for 10 mins.

3. While the foam was loosening up any remaining dirt, I treated the wheels to a good clean first with the snow   
    foam, then AF citrus power, followed by Nanolex Pre-wash concentrate diluted 1:10 on both wheels & tyre walls       
    all with a stiff brush.

4. The car was power washed to remove the snow foam along with the loosened dirt.

5. The car was hand washed with a MF pad with a bucket of warm water with 5ml of BH Auto wash.

6. Rinsed once again, leaving a dirt free car.

7. Tar Tastic by Krystal Kleen Detail was used on the lower sections of the whole car to remove any tar spots.   
     Very little was actually present on the car, but of the few that I could see, they easily wiped away after a few 

8. Wolfs Chemical Iron Gel remover was used on the lower sections & wheels of the car. It was agitated but after   
    10 minutes very little reaction occurred. I tried again using my usual Iron remover, BH Korrosol which instantly   
    started bleeding heavily on both the paint work and wheels, this was agitated then rinsed after 5 minutes               
    leaving spotless wheels free on iron/brake dust contamination.

9. The car once again was power washed.

10. I clayed each panel of the car with several passes with a G3 clay mitt which left a very smooth finish. Using   
      nothing more than some BH auto wash and Nanolex shampoo mixture in a spray bottle mixed with water as
      lubricant, this stopped any significant marring. I created a little when I applied too much pressure trying to
      remove more stubborn paint contamination marks.

11. The car was power washed for the last time and it was evident the layers of AF Temptation wax were now gone         
      completely with absolutely no beading. The car was dried with two large MF drying towels.

12. AF Tripple was my choice of polish for the car. This is very easy to use and removed the few marring marks I       
      had with ease, along with a few small scuff marks on the body of the car when it was purchased. Applied with
      a MF pad and worked it in well before allowing to haze & buff, this was done 1 panel at a time.

13. This stage was carried out the following day as at this point the weather took a turn for the worse. Luckily
      Tripple has a little protection in it so the car was left until the following day before applying a thin coat of
      Phaenna Show wax by Obsession Wax. The wax was excellent to use, applied to the whole car and left for over 
      40 mins to cure. When buffed it still removed very easily from the paint work.

14. A few hours later another coat was layered on top of the previous, again applying to the full car before buffing.

15. The alloy wheels were sealed with 50 Cal. wheel wax which was very similar to AF Mint Rims without the nice

16. Megs Endurance was used as my tyre dressing, 1 coat applied and buffed, followed by another 10 minutes
      later and buffed again before finishing up.

17. AF revitalize was used as my Trim restorer, worked into the plastic trim inserts and left for 20 mins before 
      buffing with a MF cloth.

18. Exhaust was buffed with Gtechniq M1 and sealed with AF Mint rims.

Last stage was to seal the glass with Nanolex premium glass sealant, this will be done in the next few weeks though when a full dry day is forecast.

These are the photo's after 1 coat of wax...

And this is after the second coat and much better light conditions, no direct light hitting the car  8)

Let me know your thoughts guys and feel free to ask any questions, proud of this one!  :)

General Chat / First Biposto Landed!
« on: April 20, 2015, 12:19:44 PM »

Completlely standard by the looks of it... what are the chances of nobody touching this and it dropping a few the way the 50th anniversario did as I would be interested if that was possible!  ;D

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