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Abarth 500, 595 & 695 / A couple of niggles
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:30:58 AM »
My 595 Tricolore is coming to its two year birthday and there are a couple of niggles...

The drivers seat height adjuster doesn't work, the leaver just moves up and down without moving the cushion.

The other thing is that the bulb that lights the right side of the heater controls has gone, you only get half lit up.

The question is, are these covered by the warranty?

I can live with both issues, me and my partner are ok with the seat at whatever height its at now, neither of us are big people, so its not that!

The bulb, well, I think it took a while to notice, I am sort of reluctant to do anything about it because this Abarth is rattle free (better made than the first 2 we had) and probbly won't be when they've pulled the dash apart to fix it

If they are covered by the warranty, I'll think about getting them fixed, it goes back in a year or so with the PCP, so won't be a problem for that time and as I say, we can live with it!

Abarth 500, 595 & 695 / Every Day is a School Day!
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:14:46 PM »
Been driving/owning 500's since 2012 (A Twin Air, then three Abarths) so I should know most things by now....

As we all know,  the lights go off when you turn the engine off, brilliant, can't flatten the battery.

What I found out today was that if you switch off the engine, then put the light switch on then the side lights, front and rear come on! :)

It found out when I was checking I'd switched the lights off getting fuel and moved the switch both ways.

So, there we go

The first 500 we had was a TwinAir lounge, it replaced an Alfa 147. We wanted something affordable for a couple of years.

It looked like this:

I've never got on with white cars and didn't want white, but, hey it was a good deal.

Six months after we had it, in Nov 2012 someone in a Auris decided to cross a dual carriageway (the traffic lights were off) outside Hatfield Police Station.

After that, it looked like this:

So we needed a new car, the TA was great fun and having looked at the figures we decided that we should get an Abarth because we'd be gone before she pulled out next time!

So so after a few calls and looking at stock we narrowed it down to Red or Legends Blue...

After a bit of umming and arhing, we went for our first Abarth:

What a revelation! 8)

Loved it, although the white wheels are a pain to keep clean.

After two years we took it for a service (different dealer to where we bought it from) he put figures to trade in for another, this time with a glass roof and different wheels. It was only a little more per month.

So we had Abarth No 2....

That was March 2015

Another revelation because the 2015 cars had the revised suspension and a few more horses, so it was much nicer to drive.

Loved it and had no intention of changing, but in July some @##/%& drove in to it in a carpark and drove off! :'( The damage was just a bit of panel damage, something around 500, but add a bit of vat and another hour or two and the price shoots up fast!

The first service was due and we took it in (same dealer and sales guy) did the figures and he said he could do another new one for 22 a month. So if we keep it for 3 years, that will cover the cost of the damage.

Man maths works and so in May this year we picked up:

595 Tricolore, obviously, its part of the runout for series 4 coming in, but I think its a good deal and a great little car.

We even prefer Podium over Legends, it polishes up beautifully.

That's it so far, maybe when the service is due I'll not buy another!

(Maybe a Comp in a couple more years!)

Introductions / Hi From Hertfordshire
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:36:34 PM »

I've just signed up.

I'm on my 4th 500, TwinAir (written off) and 3 Abarths, two Legends Blue & now Podium Blue Tricolore....

Love 'em!

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