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Hi all, I recently bought a 2017, 595 Competizone. It has just over 8k on the clock and sounds epic with the stock Monza exhaust.

I have moved from a BMW Z4 3ltr which was a great ride for the nine years I owned it. However the girlfriend recently bought a 500s, which introduced me to the 595

In terms of mods I've added the armrest, I next need to source a steering wheel extension, as the driving position isn't the best, in fact its pretty poor.  I wont be jumping into engine mods just yet due a few years left on the warranty.

I'm sure its a question asked a million times, but out of interest how do find the driving position? I just feel if the seat was an inch or two lower and you could adjust the column length of the steering wheel, then the 595 would be a more complete car.

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