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AHM ABARTH 500 595, 695, Servicing,Tuning, Repairs
« on: May 28, 2016, 01:26:14 PM »
Hello to the forum from AHM :)

For all your Abarth needs please just email or call us, we have a lot to offer.

Adie or John

Or like our FACE BOOK PAGE

AHM develop all our own tuning products
We develop our own tuning files in house, (We do not buy tuning files)

Services and parts we offer.
Our well known AHM 180 BHP remap
and AHM 190 BHP  conversion for euro 5 and euro 6 cars

For the 595 180 comp AHM 210 BHP remap
AND AHM  220 conversion.

For the 695 AHM 220 remap

AHM STD RATE lowered full spring set for cars fitted with very stiff springs ie ESSESSE
but keep the std ride quality.

AHM STD RATE lowered rear springs for cars with std springs to lower the rear but keep
the std ride quality.

(Both spring sets above give a ride height very close to the ESSESSE)

New for the 595 comp etc

AHM lowered and up rated spring set, we have worked very hard to
get these just right ,a perfect ride height with very slightly stiffer ride then std,
but the perfect compromise.

AHM also have full 4 wheel CCD wheel alignment and in house rolling road 

Attached are some pictures to give you an idea of what we can do

A 595 180 fitted with our new springs
workshop and rolling road pictures for you :)

Regards AHM

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595 180 Comp with performance pack inc Plate LSD, 220 BHP AHM power upgrade,  AHMs own  Lowered uprated springs,  AHM Cat back exhaust system.