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Wheels off detail
« on: August 15, 2016, 05:16:28 PM »
So, another proper detail on the abarth! Got the wheels off this time to give them the attention they deserve! Also scrubbed the callipers and suspension components. Could barely tell they were h&r springs or bilstein dampers  ::)
Gave it another wax with the dodo juice light fantastic after some clay baring and some polishing with chemical guys white light  :)
Clay baring should of stripped any nasties off ready for this.
Rather than use a pad to apply the wax, this time I used my bare hands  ;)  this is without doubt the best way to apply wax to a car!! Just have to be careful not to put too much on! Otherwise you'll waste wax and spend forever buffing it off! Little is way better than lots!!! If I wanted to apply another coat, it's worth waiting 24 hours and keeping the car in a garage over night  :)
Pictures really don't do the paint work any justice!! It's so smooth and the shine is so rich and deep! Would really like some Swissvax wax and see what the results are like with that  ;D