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Tuner Car Party (NH)
« on: August 20, 2017, 10:14:17 AM »
Michelleís Tuner Car PartyÖ Bring your Tuner car or bike to the New (ding free) show/party at Daniels Hall, Nottingham, NH. Sat Sep 16 at 7 PM, free admission to the show.  Then at 8 PM step inside the club and party to 12 AM.  DJ Michelle has her Tattoo contest at 10 PM.  Admission is $12 and bring your own liquor, we give free cups & ice and non alcoholic drinks can be purchased.  For more info visit   or call 603 942-8525. 

If itís raining the outside car show is cancelled but the inside Party still starts at 8 PM. If you donít own a Tuner car or bike your still welcome.  Join us for a really fun night!  There is a party the first & third Saturday of every month.
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