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Security indicator light
« on: September 01, 2017, 04:31:57 PM »
I hope this is a silly question, but I can't find the answer in the manual.
Today I noticed that when sitting in the car with the engine off I am getting a flashing red light in the tacho dial which depicts a car with a closed padlock.  I have never noticed this before, and the only reference I can find in the manual says that if this light is on the security system needs looking at.
I can't believe it's normal and I simply haven't noticed it before, but then again it seems to be the only light flashing when the engine is switched off, so is it just a flashing security light to warn that the car is alarmed?  Oddly it flashes all the time, even when the car is unlocked.  The only time it stays off is when the engine is running.  I noticed on start up, there is also a brief appearance of a light showing the bonnet in crash position, but blink and you miss it. 
Normal but paranoid, or dealer advice needed?


edit - think I've found the answer - it's normal.  Different section of the manual states that this light flashes all the time the engine is switched off.
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