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Abarth Owners Club Meets and Events in 2018
« on: December 18, 2017, 08:29:59 PM »
During 2017 a significant number of Abarth Owners have attended at least one event, where they have been able to meet other proud owners, see their cars, and talk about matters Abarth (among other things). Indeed, among the most popular threads both on the forum and the Facebook Group are those pertaining to Events and Meets, and many strong and enduring friendships have emerged from such meets. So, for 2018, there will be a similarly wide-ranging program of events and activities co-ordinated through the Club. Some will be national or regional events, organised by others, where we will get the chance to take part, with our own reserved parking or display area, usually in a prime location, and in many cases with special club discounts on admission charges. Others will be our own events, conceived, organised and attended solely by Abarth Owners.

As some people have already noticed, most of the major venues have now announced their 2018 plans (and with the FIA having now solidified their dates, those events that have to work around the date of the Grand Prix should not be subject to a date change unlike in 2017), so there is now a solid starting point, around which you can all start to mark up your calendar. There may yet be further changes, a few events have yet to announce their plans and there will be further additions to the list, so it is worth checking back periodically. These are the events that have announced their 2018 plans, at which we will have a presence:

Ace Cafe Italian Nights - 2nd Thurs of the month, every month
Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble - Sun 7th Jan
Horsham Italian Festival - Sat 31 March - 1st Apr
Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival (BIAMF) - Event not being held in 2018
"Drive It" Day - Bicester Heritage - Sun 22nd April
Brooklands Auto Italia - Sat 5th May
Donington Historic Festival - Sat 5th May  - Mon 7th May
Stratford Festival of Motoring - Sun 6th May  - Mon 7th May
Italian Classics at the Villa - Sun 13th May
La Vita Rosso at Prescott Hill Climb - Sat 26th- Sun 27th  May
Abarth Big Summer meet at Bicester Heritage - Sun 3rd June
Italian Passion for Speed - Cardiff Bay - Sun 10th June
Cars in the Park - Lichfield -Sat 7th and Sun 8th July
Abarth Summer BBQ and Cruise Out - Sharnbrook Hotel, Bedford - Sun 8th July
"Quay for my Car", Poole Harbour - Fri 20th July
Silverstone Classic - Fri 20 - Sun 22nd July
Bedfordshire Italian Cars - Sharnbook Hotel, nr Bedford - Sun 22nd  July
Brooklands Supercar Sunday - Sun 29th July
Brands Hatch Festival Italia - Sun 19th Aug
MITCAR - Sun 26th Aug
Bridgnorth Italian - Sun 2nd Sept
Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble - Sun 7th Oct
Brooklands Autumn MotorSport Festival -  Sun 14th Oct

Separate threads will be created for each individual event, with full details not just of the location and timing, but also instructions on how to acquire tickets to make sure that you are part of the Abarth presence at them. The first couple of threads have already been posted, as I already have some details agreed with the organisers, and more will follow. Please pay special attention to the closing date to buy your tickets. In most cases this is well before the event itself. Coming to me a couple of days before hand asking if you are too late will almost inevitably result in confirmation that you are!

There's plenty of space to add more to this list, so if you see something that you think would be of interest, then please do not hesitate to send me your suggestions.

Abarth UK, under the guise of the Scorpionship, plan to do something in 2018, following on from the huge popularity of their Silverstone and Rockingham events, but no announcements have yet been made as to what, when or where. In addition, a number of the Abarth Dealers are trying to build a community of local owners, and will run their own events, which range from Showroom based, to Treasure Hunts and Track Days. I will be posting details of any of their events that are drawn to my attention.   

In addition, as we now have our own Public Liability Insurance cover, we are able both to participate in events where a condition of entry is that you have such cover, or to organise our own events where this is required. Following the success of our 2016 events at the Coventry Transport Museum and at Duxford, and the 2017 ones at Cosford and the Bentley Motor Museum, I will be working with a number of interesting locations around the country to agree something similar for 2018.  I can already announced one of these, namely:

Abarth Big Summer Meet at Bicester Heritage - Sun 3rd June

Driving Days are popular as well, with three London - Brighton events in the past four years having attracted an ever larger number of participants, and there have been successful trips in other parts of the country as well, including a day in the Brecon Beacons when there were fewer clouds in the sky than Abarths at the event. I would like to do more of these in 2018, and am open to ideas, and especially those with the local knowledge to help with route planning.

The Abarth Barbeque Event, hosted by the ebullient Ciro at the Sharnbrook Hotel will go down as perhaps the wettest event of 2017, but that did not deter over 50 Abarth owners from coming, and we all enjoyed the Cruise Out later in the afternoon, by which time the sun was drying everything out. Ciro is hosting a similar event for us in 2018, on Sunday 9th July.   

Whilst the events listed above are all a full day (or in some cases a full and busy weekend), shorter events, such as Breakfast Clubs or Evening Meets are always popular. These do not generally require any specific dialogue with their organiser, operating on the principle that people will "just turn up" and in my experience, almost regardless of the weather, some people do. Whilst telling the organiser we are coming is not necessary, if Abarth Owners Club members want to use one of these to meet up, then some co-ordination amongst ourselves is a Good Idea. Among the regular events that we could attend, are:

Ace Cafe Italian Night - second Thursday of every month. There are events at Ace almost every night, but Italian Night is by some margin the best, and is usually well support with all manner of interesting cars. Our objective has to be to outnumber Maserati as well as Alfa.
Goodwood Breakfast - the 2018 program has not yet been announced. In 2017 there were 5 of them during the year, each with a theme, a couple of which fitted with our cars. We will have to see what 2018 holds. These meets gets very busy now, and you have to pre-book well in advance with a theme-compliant car, and even to secure general parking  but are a great morning out, and the bacon is particularly tasty, though!
Coventry Transport Museum Breakfast - tend to be on a Saturday morning - program on the museum's website. Note that they require display cars to be over 20 years old
Haynes Museum Breakfast - Now well established and well attended, generally on the first Sunday of the month. Has the advantage that there is a great museum on site
Liverpool Cars and Coffee - huge event on the waterfront. Typically attracts a good number of local Abarth owners. 1st Sunday of the month
Prescott Hill Climb Breakfast - mix of meetings "at home" on the Gloucestershire slopes, and also a couple of away fixtures
Queen Square Bristol Breakfast - second Sunday of the month. Always a good show, usually a couple of Abarths there
Shelsley Walsh Breakfast - also second Sunday of the month. Note that the arrangements for this event changed and you need to pre-register and buy a ticket from the venue's website
Wilton Wake Up - typically the last Sunday of the month from April to September, these are held at Wilton House in Somerset (near Salisbury). There is a theme, but also plenty of nearby parking for other cars to attend.

Just as important are the local and sometimes impromptu events.  During 2017 we've seen the successful launch of a number of new Regional Groups, all of whom have been very active, arranging a variety of both their own events and to participate in other organised events in their catchment area. These are run separately to the main AOC Group, by local teams of enthusiasts, who would welcome your support. There are individual Facebook pages for each group, which contain their latest news. The most established of these is the  West Midlands Group, - where an average of a dozen enthusiasts meet, usually on the first Sunday of the month, usually at Curborough - under organisation of Salvo Trapani. New in 2017, and very active are AOC South East, led by Andy Taylor, AOC Surrey Sussex and Hampshire, led by a team including Chelsea Damo, and the AOC East Midlands Group run by Simon Salvin. Others to note include South Wales (Zak Williams), Bristol (Lewis Webb), CIAO (Cotswolds area, led by Luther Jackson), North West, North East, Scotland and East Anglia, as well as the odd event from the Essex and Herts Group.   

And in case all that is not enough, well, anyone can organise a local meet. If you want to do so, don't be too democratic about the date and location. Everyone will always say "yes" in principle to an event, but to make an event happen as opposed to be talked about, you need to make a specific proposal with a date and a venue and ask who will attend. We've got Abarth owners distributed across the country (and beyond), so there's no reason not to try more of these sort of events in 2018.

For the events where we may well be able to meet up, but have no official presence (such as the Goodwood Moving Motor Show/ Festival of Speed), then all that is needed is a thread near the time to establish who else plans to attend, and some details on meeting points and times. I have no problem with anyone who is going to an event like this creating the thread to see what interest there is.

Like so many things in life, you only get out of them what you put in. Make the effort to come to one or more of the events listed above and you will discover a whole new dimension to the joy of owning your Abarth. Many strong friendships have been formed amongst our members past and present as result of them meeting up. It might sound like "lots of cars in fields and car parks", but there's a lot more potential than that.

Wishing you all the very best for a fantastic 2018
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