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Perrys Customer service
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:16:26 AM »
Hi i bought a red 124 abarth with the heritage pack from these people a few months ago it was an ex demo but only a few months old the cars lovely when i picked it up i was give all the books and paperwork and told the spare key was in with the books,took the car home didnt have much chance to drive it as i work away from home ,so a couple of weeks later drove the car about (loved it )but decided to have a look at the owners manual opened it up the spare key was there and i noticed the key was all pushed in and cracked ,contacted the dealer who said that there was no way the key was broken when it left them and that the key they had put in the pack was the key that they was using when they was demonstrating the car,i did get Abarth customer service involved and they was pretty good but couldnt really do much as the car wasnt new when i bought it.what i cant understand why would they put the key they had been using in the pack and give me the key that hadnt been used the only reason i can think of is they knew if i saw the key i wouldnt have accepted the car unless i had a promise of a new key,so now the eealer wants me to bring the car back to then to reprograme a key and want me to pay 200 for the trouble in my opinion this shows the sort of customer service this company provides BLAME IT ON THE CUSTOMER  sorry for the rant .

Have a lovely day Geoff.
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