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For Sale: Steering Wheel Spacer
« on: August 12, 2018, 11:44:41 AM »
Hi folks,

I have an Abarth steering wheel spacer for sale. Quality bit of kit, made of steel/aluminium, brings the steering wheel position forwards by approximately 2", which dramatically improves the driving position if you're over 6ft or so.

Comes with detailed fittings instructions. I managed to install it myself in under an hour with absolutely no experience in this type of thing - you just need a socket set and some screwdrivers. Basic steps are:

- Disconnect battery
- Remove the plastic shroud surrounding the wheel (held on with 4x crosshead screws)
- Pop off the air bag by inserting a flat head screwdriver in 3x holes in the rear of the wheel
- Unplug airbag + remove
- Remove nut holding steering wheel to steering column
- Fix wheel spacer onto steering column
- Reassemble

Has been fitted and used for a few weeks but looks as good as new (pics attached). Unfortunately my wife wasn't a huge fan of the new position (she's only little!) and technically its her car so I can't really argue! ;D

Looking for 150.
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