Author Topic: New Punto Grande Owner But Not New Abarth Owner Need Some Help Please  (Read 157 times)

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Hi all,

Recently got rid of my 595 & picked up a 2009 Abarth Punto Grande, all stock, no mods & has 98K on the clock, Iím loving this car to be honest I think this is better than the 595 or at least the 595 I had for two years.

I picked this up for what I think is a real good price but it had a couple of issues, all but one are now fixed but the last one is the major one.

The dashboard cluster does not work which is a huge issue when driving but itís not completely dead, the lights, time & mileage show up on the cluster but everything else is dead, no RPM, no speedo, no fuel or temperature. I will say that everything works, i.e. brake lights, turn signals, high beam, etc but they donít show up.

Iíve just got in from replacing the cluster to a new one & have changed & checked over a good few fuses but have come up with nothing .

Has anyone more experienced with the Punto have any ideas on what to do next ?

Iím thinking of replacing the battery & cleaning up the terminals & replacing more fuses but Iím coming to an end of ideas.