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Power Loss
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:29:10 PM »
I have problem with my AGP, 155 hp.
Engine lost agility from lower rpm. Its comes back after long pull in 3500 rpm. Boost is comming really slow and engine has sound like atmospheric 1.4.
Quick note '1: sometimes that just goes right, after cold start, but until 75C on engine coolant temperature.
Quick note '2: all started month ago, when i started my car, and display in the middle gages was just backlit and nothing showing. After restarting engine, the same problem. So i unpluged battery ower night. After that display comes back, but with power and owerall agility that is different story.
Quick note '3: In 3500+rpm power comes so hard, that on 4th gear ASR starts light up.
Quick note '4: I changed boost presure sensor 3 pin, not 4 pin MAP. Because i thank that this is that case, but wasn't. Still no engine check light or any light lighting up.

So help me, please. And forgive syntax.
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