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After Another!
« on: February 01, 2020, 02:14:07 PM »

Stumbled across this site whilst doing some research into the purchase of another Abarth. I owned one back in 2017/2018 which I picked up from the auctions and thoroughly enjoyed, see attached.

It was absolutely smile inducing at every opportunity and full of character, at 6í3 I didnít find the seating position the most comfy but the enjoyment of every drive seemed to overrule that.

So my workplace is moving in a few weeks and I need something that can commute around narrow(ish) lanes, provide a bit of fun when required and not cost a fortune to run; we are also in the process of selling our house so big PCP commitments/borrowing isnít ideal right now. I have been looking at what my money can get me and it looks like a Series 3 Comp or Series 4 standard car, I particularly like the Comp due to the Sabelt seats and Monza exhaust but would appreciate some advice on whether a standard Series 4 car would be the better bet??

My commute will be 20 miles round trip so not really that far and due to life commitments and daughters clubs/hobbies itís unusual for us to venture anywhere near a motorway more than twice a year.

Would appreciate any insight from people that have owned a Series 3 Comp or made the move from a Series 3 to a Series 4.


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Re: After Another!
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2020, 09:41:37 PM »
I had 4 from 2012 to last year.

All mine were  standard series 2, 3 and 4,  best was the last one a series 4 (It had a DAB radio so I could listen to 6 music) however, the 3rd one, a late series 3 was the one I enjoyed driving the most.

The S3 just felt better, but then it had Michelins, the S4 had Pirellis, not as good, in all conditions.

The S4 is better made, no rattles, more solid.

You need to try the Sabelt seats, you may or may not like them, that could be the deal breaker, as could be the stiffer suspension of the Comp to Std.

You'll know when you try....