Author Topic: Abarths at Festival Italia, Brands Hatch: Sunday 16th August 2020  (Read 51 times)

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Taking place for the fifth time in 2020 is the Festival Italia at Brands Hatch. The date is Sunday 16th August and like previous years, attendees can expect an action-packed day with races and parades on the track, including rounds of the Ferrari Challenge and Alfa racing, a huge display of Italian Cars, and all manner of other attractions including stalls selling Italian food and drink, the sounds of Italy all being broadcast across the site and the likelihood of a mass track parade of hundreds of Italian cars, in which you can take part, to round things off. .

Abarth Owners Club has been registered as one of the participating Car Clubs. This means that we will get an in-field display area (the precise location of which, the organisers choose, I don't!), and there are free tickets available which will admit the car and driver. Note that passengers will need to acquire their own paid-for tickets.

The process for applying for tickets is the same as it was in 2019, and is now all online. To get one of the AOC tickets, go to the event website, and head to the "Get Involved" section, rather than the one marked "Tickets", namely: When you click on the option under "Italian car and Bike Clubs", you will be asked to sign in with an MSV userid if you have one, or to create an account if not. Once you have an account, you will have the option to select from Abarth Owners Club as your affiliated Club. You will be asked for a few details, including an upload of a picture of your car. This is stored and will be usable info for any other MSV events. Once your application is approved, you will be sent a link to allow you to print off your own tickets.

Note that initially we have 40 spaces. Demand will almost certainly exceed supply, but for now, that is all we have as this is Festival Italia and not Festival Abarth, as we were politely reminded last year when we asked for more. We may get some nearer to the event, but don't rely on this happening. For those who do not manage to secure one of the 40, you can still register your car as an individual, which will give you a pass for your car (also free for car and driver) in the "General Italian" parking area. 

I am well aware that this event is still 8 months away, and that plans may change between now and August. If you get a ticket now and find yourself unable to use it, please be public-spirited and make sure that someone else gets the chance to take your place. In 2019 there were 6 people who had a ticket and simply did not show up - this is unfair to those who could have attended in your place.
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Re: Abarths at Festival Italia, Brands Hatch: Sunday 16th August 2020
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Ticket booked
Hopefully the weather will be good

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