Author Topic: Scara73 carbon induction kit, G-Tech Evo FMIC & Alcantara speedo binnacle  (Read 51 times)

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Hi guys, I am trading in my 595 Comp this weekend and have some parts removed for sale.

All low mileage, covered round 2000 miles with them fitted.

Text snagged from my adverts on the bay of doom.

Scara73 Abarth Carbon Fibre Induction Kit and Engine Cover

In my opinion this is the daddy of induction kits for the Abarth. Looks amazing and OE style when fitted (unlike most of the other induction kits that look like they've been made out of left over plumbing pipe....). It is quite similar to the Biposto induction kit. It sounds phenomenal on full boost!

Carbon fibre intake pipe reduces heat soak, huge BMC air filter, oversized silicone hose, carbon fibre engine cover, brackets and fitting instructions.

In very good condition.


Abarth G-Tech Evo 240 FMIC

Probably the best intercooler available for the Abarth 595 696. This is the top spec one that G-Tech sell and they recommend this for high horsepower conversions (they include with their 240 BHP upgrade kit).

Looks much nicer than some of the more generic FMIC options out there, you will stand out at the shows with this one.

Huge core intercooler with custom bumper bracket to accommodate it. Silicone pipe work for the tight bends, metal pipework for the longer runs. Brackets and mounts all included.

In really great condition - but... when it was fitted a small dink in the bottom of the IC was made - please see photo, it does not notice when on the car as sits below grille and is so minor you wouldn't notice it unless pointed out. Does not affect air flow through IC at all.


Abarth 500, 595, 695 Competizione Alcantara Speedo Binnacle / Cover

From a Series 4 RHD Competizione. Not a cheapo copy.

Had this fitted to my Series 3 Abarth (you have to simply unscrew the binnacle cover from the surround and fit on your existing surround as the buttons are in a slightly different place on Series 4 models). Will fit directly onto a Series 4.

Looks awesome fitted, compared to the horrible leather standard one.

Simple to fit (videos on YouTube to show how).

In amazing condition.


Can post the Induction Kit and Speedo Binnacle / Cover. Intercooler needs collecting as is huuuge and heavyyy. I am located in Amershm, South Bucks, HP7  postcode.

Have some more bits I will list soon (including Powerflex gearbox mount kit with dogbone unused in box, BMC blow off valve filter, carbon dipped mirror caps, competizione door handles, biposto interior door handles unused.....)