Author Topic: Glass sunroof won't close or operate properly?  (Read 22 times)

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Glass sunroof won't close or operate properly?
« on: January 14, 2020, 02:44:11 PM »
I'm sure mine operated properly when I got it in Sept 2017 (was new May 2016).  However, for reasons unknown, it suddenly refused to close from 'tilt'.  It would just 'bounce' back to 'tilt'.  Two ways round it. Either press close momentarily and release quick so the roof only moved very slightly, press close again then it would or cycle it fully open then press close and it would!!  Back in 2018, it went to Desira main dealer Norwich for work and I raised it with them.  No idea but they'd find out!! Nothing! I tried various things including what the handbook said but no result.  Yesterday, I took it to Desira Great Yarmouth for a new daylight running light bulb (my old wrist and fingers are no longer agile enough to access!!).  Chatting to the lovely service receptionist lady (as you do!!) I mention it to her.  This is what she said which I pass on in case others have had the same problem - it may not work of course for all models.
1. Begin with sunroof fully closed. Use hex key if you can't close it any other way. 2. Turn ignition key to MAR (first position). 3. Press and hold the CLOSE button for about 10 seconds until the sunroof motor makes and audible click. 4. Within 5 secs. release the CLOSE button then press and hold the CLOSE button again. 5. Continue to hold the CLOSE button while the sunroof goes through a full open and close movement. 6. Once the roof is closed again. release the CLOSE button and turn the ignition off and then on again.  After this the sunroof should function normally!
It sounds counter intuitive, especially step 3, as obviously nothing apparently happens pressing and holding the CLOSE button when it's already closed!!  But stick with it (10 seconds seems like a long time!) and sure enough you will get a clearly audible click!!  Having released the CLOSE  button within 5 secs. it also seems weird that you then press and hold the CLOSE button again at step 5 to initiate a full open and close movement especially since not much may happen initially - again keep the button pressed and it will work!!  And amazing as it might seem my (and yours I hope if you have the same problem) sunroof now works as it should!!  Full marks and all due respect to the lovely Ash at Desira Yarmouth!!
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