Abarth 124 Spiders Arriving!

Posted by Bertie Bryant Category: Club News

With the first set of Abarth 124 Spiders due to arrive in the UK any day now, dealers across the are preparing for their launch days, due to take place on the 24th and 25th September. Dealers are expecting 2 cars each, one for the showroom and the other to be used as a demonstrator. These cars are being supplied by Abarth UK directly. Currently, we don’t know the spec of the cars that the dealers will be receiving, although we expect them to be full spec cars in the flagship white & black colour scheme.

The 124 Spider starts its life in the Mazda production plant in Hiroshima, where it is built, and then shipped over to the Abarth factory in Turin, where Abarth add their racing touch, including the Alcantara interior, Abarth Badges and Record Monza Exhaust. From Turin, the Spiders are bought over via boat, and arrive at the Bristol channel, where they are then transported to the dealers across the UK.

We know there is a large shipment of cars due to arrive on the 7th September, which contains the first wave of sold customer cars, as well as some dealer stock to be sold in the showrooms and forecourts.


Abarth UK have announced that despite the online configurator not allowing, any interior / paint option will be available, which is welcome news amongst the community. Many of our members felt it was to restrictive, not allowing black leather with black cars, for example.

It is rumoured that a more performance based version of the 124 Spider will be launched in 2017, although as of yet Abarth UK have not confirmed this. The first 2500 cars will all feature numbered plaques, although its not clear how many numbered cars are coming to the UK market.